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AMMEX  GLOVES    100/Box - 10 Boxes/Case 









Price / Case



Ammex Black Nitrile Exam Gloves - Superior Comfort and Strength Disposable gloves for Emergency medical technicians, ambulance personnel, police, towing, prison personnel and tattoo artist.


Black Nitrile PF Exam Gloves


ABNPF42100 Small     Order

ABNPF44100 Medium  Order

ABNPF46100 Large    Order

ABNPF48100 Extra Large   Order



Ammex Indigo Nitrile Exam Gloves - Disposable gloves Combining superior comfort, strength, tactile sensitivity and protection for Dental, beauty, child care, medical technicians and chemical.


Nitrile PF Exam Gloves


AINPF42100 Small   Order

AINPF44100 Medium   Order

AINPF46100 Large    Order

AINPF48100 Extra Large  Order



Ammex Nitrile Exam Gloves - Textured grip gloves for Automotive, manufacturing, child care, mail handling, nursing homes, dental, medical and industrial


Nitrile PF Exam Gloves


APFN42100 Small   Order

APFN44100 Medium   Order

APFN46100 Large   Order

APFN48100 Extra Large   Order




GlovePlus Latex Exam Gloves - textured disposable gloves for Food service, automotive, industrial, manufacturing, bakeries, nursing homes, dental and medical.


TLatex PF Exam Gloves



GPPFT40100 Extra Small   Order

GPPFT42100 Small   Order

GPPFT44100 Medium   Order

GPPFT46100 Large  Order

GPPFT48100 Extra Large  Order




Laboratory Ergonomics Video on Demand Streaming

Lab Safety

Training Videos


AMMEX Gloveworks HD Latex Exam Gloves - Heavy duty disposable gloves for Automotive, industrial, manufacturing, janitorial, painting and agriculture.


Latex HD 8mil PF Exam Gloves



ILHD42100 Small  Order

ILHD44100 Medium   Order

ILHD46100 Large   Order

ILHD48100 Extra Large   Order

ILHD49100 Extra Extra Large   Order



Ammex Vinyl Exam Gloves - Powder Free disposable gloves for Food service, child care, print shops, manufacturing, bakeries, nursing homes, dental and medical.


Vinyl PF Exam Gloves


VPF62100 Small   Order

VPF64100 Medium   Order

VPF66100 Large   Order

VPF68100 Extra Large  Order


Bloodborne Pathogens: Assisted Living DVD

Healthcare Safety

Training Videos

Ammex Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves - Stretchable disposable vinyl gloves for Food service, child care, print shops, manufacturing, bakeries, nursing homes, dental and medical.


Vinyl Stretch PF Exam Gloves


VSPF42100 Small   Order

VSPF44100 Medium   Order

VSPF46100 Large   Order

VSPF48100 Extra Large   Order





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